Fall 2019 CS 428 Project 1 Vuforia AR Demo

Video down below.

Vuforia AR Demo on the book All Quiet on the Western Front

The purpose of this project is to display virtual objects onto a book novel which simulates as an advertisement. This project was built using Unity and using the Vuforia Augmented Reality library. There were many hardships when creating this project due to the fact the some of our models used in the project are quite large in size. One of the things that we optimized was changing each model that had the ".obj" extension would be taken into blender and exported as a ".fbx" file which cutdown the size of the same model significantly in half. Another thing to note is that we removed directional lighting and set a pointlight as the skybox lighting. This pointlight was to only light up all the models on the battlefield map model.

After configurating our lighting we changed all "realtime" lighting into "baking" to optimize running the demo. Another problem we encountered was that the back cover of the book was not tracking as well so we decided to add some blue tracking marks so that the back cover of the book is augmentable or can be easily recognized since it is somewhat distinct. As you can see in the first image we can see that there is a button to show a world war 1 german medic that is displayed on top of the book rotating in place. There is also a small brief summary or narration in the beginning to describe what the book is all about.

Book's backcover

As you can see in the photo above we implemented three virtual buttons onto the back cover of the book. The first button is the book Reviews we are able to display reviews of the book virtually on the back to show what others thought about the book. There are also about six book reviews and shows up to two reviews at a time with their respective information.

The second button on the right is the Video Reviews where there are three short videos explaining why we liked the book. The third last button on the bottom middle is the "Show Map" button which would display a miniaturized map displaying some models that you would see in World War 1. There are also some ambient sounds that are being played while this is open.

Floating textual Reviews, video review and map scene




3D Models

  • Tent Model
  • Barrel Model
  • Battlefield Model
  • Sandbag Model
  • Armored Horse Model
  • German Medic Model
  • Lion Damage Statue Model
  • Mark-IV WWI Tank Model
  • Memorial Statue WWI Model
  • WW1 AT Grenade Model
  • 2217 Plane Model
  • Salmson A2 Plane Model
  • Cannon Model
  • Kv2 Model
  • Train Model
  • Review Star
  • Sound Effects

  • Dessert Background Sound
  • Battlefield 1 War Sounds
  • Plane Background Sound
  • Images

  • German Flag Image
  • Book Reviewers

  • Duane
  • Joey
  • Darwin8u
  • Kim
  • Perry
  • Diane S